Curing Blankets help to maintain the heat of hydration during the early stage of concrete curing and resist the cold temperature.


• Two layers of PE woven fabric (bottom and top layer) insulated with closed-cell EPE foam and/or Bubble layers.

• Available with 1 to 5 insulation layers providing a R-Value from 3 up to 5.

• Foam type: Z-folded and packed in weather-resistant poly tarp

• Bubble type: rolled and vacuumed packed in weather-resistant sewn poly tarp bale


• Provide proven jobsite performance in maintaining heat of hydration, particularly during the critical early stages of concrete curing.

• Provide superior vapor block during curing

• Provide a variety of standard sizes of concrete curing blankets from 3’x25’ up to 12’x25’. Available to produce custom concrete curing blankets sizes.

• Black polyethylene on the top layer to provide maximum temperature gain from solar heat and to help the interior insulation layers maximize R values.

• Silver or aluminized on the bottom layer to maintain heat better.

• Durable weather-resistant cover

• Rust-free aluminum grommets every 3’